The Future of Instant Messaging

Tox is a Free Software project whose goal is to free users from the grip of Proprietary instant messengers like Skype

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uTox is the future.


Tox is all about security and privacy. All your communications are encrypted using ROCKSOLID encryption. For maximum security, we recommend using a good VPN. Here are some nordvpn reviews that will get you started.

Ease of Use

Tox is easy to use for anyone. No registration required, just open it and start adding friends or give your friends your Tox ID so they can add you. You can find your Tox ID in the settings tab.


Tox is Free Software. Live free or die.


“uTox is the best Instant Messenger client ever created.”
-Lead uTox Developer
“In a dire time where most software is slow, fat and bloated uTox stands out as a thin, fast and sexy replacement.”
“I installed uTox and suddenly a gold colored light came down from the heavens and gave me the power to see that the future is uTox.”
“uTox is the future.”
“uTox is so well written that I inspire myself from it when I write my software.”

“I love uTox, it's the best software I have ever tried.”

Project Links

GitHub: toxcore, uTox (Old), uTox (Current)